Best Woodworking Vise Reviews

1. Technot rotation bench vise
Wilton 63144
There are three models of the Tekton swivel bench vise. They are Tekton 54004, Tekton 54006, and Tekton 54008. All three models are classic bench vices, but have different jaw sizes. 54004 is 4 ", 54006 6", and finally Tekton 54008 is 8 "jaw size.

What we like about this device is that the rough jaws are interchangeable. If you want, you can fit your own custom jaw. The jaws are cross-shaped to minimize material damage while minimizing damage.

All three models had pressures of 30,000 PSI, indicating that they provide adequate pressure without material damage. It can hold virtually any type of material, from wood to hard metal, without bending or twisting problems. In addition, quality is the overall cast iron for durability and long life. The chin is powder coated to ensure a rugged, comfortable non-slip grip.

In addition, the back of the device has a polished anvil for metal operations such as bending, flattening and twisting. Despite its fairly small size, this mini bench vise has a variety of features. True versatile bench vise. It is certainly situated amongst the best mini-bench visits available in the market.

2. Wilton 11800 648HD Utility Workshop Vice

The Wilton 11800 648HD is another popular bench vise. Utility workbench mini vice that can be used professionally or at home. This particular model of Wilton is one of the most rugged bench visits on the market. It is made of completely hard steel and cast iron and is very durable. This is not a type of bench vise that can easily break down.

The pedestal can rotate up to 180 degrees, making it versatile and very easy to work with. It provides a suitable pressure force of 30,000 PSI to hold the material tightly without damaging it.

The jaws of this model are flat and can accommodate custom jaws. Since the jaw itself is 8 inches long, this vise is more suitable for working with materials larger than normal 4 "vices. The throat depth is equally 4-1 / 2". This is not the largest, but it is large enough to accommodate a fairly thick stock, especially considering that this model is a mini bench vise.

Straight and flat, this bench vise can be used to tighten the jaw more strongly. Particularly when working with softwood or plastic, no markings appear on the material. Very convenient! This is a professional model offered at professional prices. If you can use our advice-vise to perform high-intensity work, buy this model. We will serve well over the next few years.

3. PanaVise 301 Standard Bench Vise

The PanaVise 301 has an irregular shape for the mini bench vise. But once you get used to this model, you'll quickly realize that it's one of the best mini-bench visits you have.

The top head of the PanaVise 301 can be rotated back and forth at a 9-degree angle, which is especially useful for tasks such as drilling. But it does not stop there. You can equally rotate the head 360 degrees to become one of the most versatile and easy bench vices to work with this model. Socket joint systems offer greater maneuverability than any other model in the market.

In addition, the jaws of this model are slightly on the small side of 2.5 inches wide, but are still suitable for providing robust and solid clamping to the material. It also has a durable construction structure. This model should continue for years to come. The only caveat is that this model is not suitable as a heavy duty bench vise. However, universal clamping, especially those used in woodworking, will definitely do the job! On the whole, this is a good purchase and a pretty good price. In particular, consider the versatility and quality of the bench vise.

4. Yost Vises Heavy Duty Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

Yost Vises is a series of five model nightmares. Yost Vises 465 6.5 "is the most popular. Of course there are other models with different jaw sizes to provide different clamping types.

The Yost vises are a medium bench vise series designed specifically for busy workshops. The Yost 465 has a 2-1 / 2 "pipe capacity to accommodate considerably thicker materials and can be rotated 180 degrees to adapt to the job. They all have an excellent cast iron construction for durability as well as an insert mount on the sports floor The more stable workbench allows you to tighten screws or bolts.The rams and handles are both very easy to operate and open in both models, so you can lubricate them to increase ease of use.

After all, regardless of the model you choose and the size of your chin, Yost vises are some of the best bench visits for your money. They are of solid construction and are very versatile in their work.
Best Woodworking Vise Reviews