Best Woodworking Vise Reviews

1. Technot rotation bench vise
There are three models of the Tekton swivel bench vise. They are Tekton 54004, Tekton 54006, and Tekton 54008. All three models are classic bench vices, but have different jaw sizes. 54004 is 4 ", 54006 6", and finally Tekton 54008 is 8 "jaw size.

What we like about this device is that the rough jaws are interchangeable. If you want, you can fit your own custom jaw. The jaws are cross-shaped to minimize material damage while minimizing damage.

All three models had pressures of 30,000 PSI, indicating that they provide adequate pressure without material damage. It can hold virtually any type of material, from wood to hard metal, without bending or twisting problems. In addition, quality is the overall cast iron for durability and long life. The chin is powder coated to ensure a rugged, comfortable non-slip grip.

In addition, the back of the device has a polished anvil for metal operations such as bending, flattening and twisting. Despite its…